Reuschstrasse 6
D-73033 Göppingen

Telefon: 07161-608-289
E-Mail: info@maerklineum.de

The Store

The steel construction is similar to that of a locomotive shed so that the Store itself is worth seeing. There are numerous glass display cases presenting products from the firms Märklin, Trix, and LGB. In addition, all of the famous manufacturers of accessory products are in the assortment. The "Fundgrube" or "Treasure Trove" that is part of the Store offers special bargains, and Märklin Service has help for every model railroad. Visitors, who have traveled to see the Märklineum, will also find ideas for small gifts and souvenirs during their visit.

Closed due to the current lockdown from 16.12.2020 until probably 10.01.2021.

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